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Held to a higher standard than regular commercial products due to their importance in high stakes projects, mil-spec fasteners bind and connect hardware that cannot afford to malfunction. They usually operate under demanding conditions that commercial fasteners would not be able to handle, such as those found in military and defense projects.

Depending on the fastener, the product is required to meet different military standards to ensure that they are produced to the highest quality.

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Hardware for Critical Applications

Fasteners that fall under the mil-spec standard must meet certain safety requirements set in place by the Department of Defense. The Military Standard ensures that contractors—both military and non-military—who purchase milspec fasteners for use in their projects are buying reliable, durable products that have been verified to be high quality.

Understandably, mil-spec fasteners are commonly used in the military and on military projects where unwavering operation is paramount. They are also used in other industries in which fasteners simply cannot afford to fail or malfunction, such as the aerospace. When it comes to the safety of our nation—or the safety of those in charge of defending our nation—quality is of the utmost importance.

Types of Mil-Spec Fasteners

Elite Fasteners offers several types of fasteners that comfortably meet the mil-spec standards, which depend on what type of product it is, the material from which it is made, and more.

MS Bolts

MS fasteners

Available in different head styles, such as hex head and socket head, mil-spec bolts meet mil-spec standards, including those regulations listed: MS16205, MS16206, MS16995, MS 16996, MS21301, MS35307, and MS35308, depending on the bolt. Their threads come as either coarse or fine; they are available in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel and brass.

MS Cap Screws

Mil-spec cap screws come in sizes ranging from 0.5 in. to more than 3 in. They meet mil-spec standards, including MS16995, MS21262, MS21295, MS90727, and are available in different materials, such as alloy grade steel.

MS Inserts

Meeting mil-spec standards, specifically MS122, MS124, and MS21209, mil-spec inserts are available as through-hole taps and closed-end hole taps.

MS Nuts

Normally paired with bolts to serve an array of functions, mil-spec nuts are most commonly manufactured out of stainless steel. They meet mil-spec standards, such as MS9356, MS9358, MS9361, MS16203, MS16211, MS21304, MS24127, MS45905, and more.

MS Pins

MS pins are available in styles that include dowel, slotted spring, quick-release, cotter, among others. Pins are made of metals, such as stainless steel, and meet mil-spec standards MS9389 and MS35810.

MS Rivets

Coming in sizes as small as 1/16 in., mil-spec rivets come in types, such as blind, closed-end, internally threaded, solid, and others. They meet mil-spec standards that include MS20426 and MS20427.

MS screw

MS Screws

With a uniform diameter that does or doesn’t taper at the end depending on the type, mil-spec screws are primarily used to permanently fasten two things together. They come in traditional form, or as self-tapping varieties that do not require a pilot hole and meet various mil-spec standards, including MS21053 and MS51575.

MS Washers

Helping to secure nuts, bolts, and screws, mil-spec washers are available in a number of varieties, such as flat, split lock, screw, and more. They meet mil-spec standards, such as MS14151, MS51496, and MS15795.

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No matter what mil-spec fastener you are looking to buy or what mil-spec standard you need the product to meet, Elite Fasteners has you covered. We have a knowledgeable staff and quality products that you can trust in, as our decades of experience and various certifications, such as ISO 9001:2015, back up.

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