NAS Fasteners

NAS fasteners

National Aerospace Standard (NAS) fasteners comply with standards established by the National Aerospace Standards Committee. These standards undergo regular updates and revisions to ensure that NAS parts offer a reliable degree of performance and reliability.

While initially designed to tolerate the harsh stresses and environmental conditions of air and space flight, NAS fasteners are used beyond aerospace in automobile, marine, military, and recreational applications. The NAS standards also relate to over 500 Mil-Spec standards established by the Department of Defense. When seeking fasteners, NAS compliance is an indicator of superior quality and performance.

Mission Critical Hardware

NAS standards cover a range of components for equipment and vehicles, including fasteners, hoses, bearings, and termination components. NAS standards offer guidelines for intended operating environment, materials, component structure, and performance factors. This enables manufacturers to target NAS fasteners to function in accordance with the details of specific application environments, ensuring components hold together in all regularly anticipated conditions without malfunction or failure.

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In the aerospace industry, fasteners face high-stress environments with significant temperature, pressure, speed, and weight factors. NAS fasteners help aerospace designers and manufacturers to build equipment and parts that function optimally in these extreme conditions.

NAS Fasteners for High-Performance Applications

NAS FastenersAt Elite Fasteners, our product catalog includes a myriad of fasteners designed to NAS standards for ultimate performance and integrity:

  • NAS cap screws. NAS cap screws are available in hex and standard screws from multiple metals, such as stainless steel, Grade 5 or 8 steel alloys, and cadmium or zinc coatings. Unlike standard bolts, which use a nut to fasten and tighten the assembly, cap screws tighten from the head of the bolt itself. Cap screws are governed by NAS1351 and NAS1352, and we also provide cap screws that comply with MS and AN standards
  • NAS washers. NAS washers have the material strength and integrity to secure nuts and bolts without slippage or concentrating too much pressure on a small surface area. Our NAS portfolio includes flat, split lock, and tooth lock washers.
  • NAS screws. Common NAS and Mil-Spec screw types include cap screws, machine screws, set screws, and tapping screws. The default metal choice for most NAS screws is Grade 5 steel that can be plated with other metals. Elite Fasteners distributes flat head screws, flat head machine screws, plain cup point screws, and more.
  • NAS pins. Pins fasten together hardware by running through aligned holes to secure relative objects. Pins may be simple metal rods or have U-shaped components and additional holes to provide tighter locking. Our NAS pins meet the standards established in NAS1292 through NAS1365.
  • NAS bolts. NAS bolts feature fine threads and are manufactured to provide a tight hold. Each bolt will have raised or recessed markings that detail the materials used in its fabrication, such as 300 series stainless steel, A286 stainless steel, and graded steel alloys.
  • NAS inserts. Wall panel inserts, locking inserts, and screw thread inserts are common components used in aerospace equipment and other machinery. NAS inserts provide a host of fastening and alignment functions to ensure assemblies meet tight tolerances and specifications.
  • NAS rivets. Rivets are permanent fasteners that pinch aligned mechanical plates or pieces together in a tight hold. Using multiple rivets at set points around the perimeter of an assembly can eliminate the risk of rotation or misalignment.
  • NAS nuts. Nuts fasten along the threaded shafts of bolts. We provide a wide variety of hexagon machine screw nuts and over 130 assorted nuts that each meet different NAS standards for their intended materials and applications.

NAS fasteners

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Choosing the right fasteners for any aerospace, military, or industrial project is essential to protect the integrity of the final product. We specialize in creating fasteners that meet or exceed NAS requirements, and our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality management.

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